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Plant Linz; Austria

Key Data

The manufacturing facility of Fresenius Kabi in Linz, Austria, focuses on two activities: the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and the finalization of bulk drug products.


  1. Hydroxyethyl Starch:
    • All types from low to high molecular weight and lo to high degree of substitution

  2.  Filling and packaging:

    • Bottles - max. batch size 50.000L, filling from 50ml to 1000ml

    • Drops - max. batch size 1.000L, filling from 10ml to 100ml

    • Sticks - liquid and powder

  3. Lactulose:

    • Ph. Eur. and USP quality

  4. Services:

    • Technology transfer

    • Regulatory Affairs support for bulk API

    • Stability studies

    • Full logistics

  5. Compliance:

    • EU-GMP and US-cGMP



In the Spotlight

HES and Lactulose

Hydroxyethyl starch (HES) and Lactulose are the cornerstones of production of active pharmaceutical ingredients in Linz. Facilitated by a state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure and an in-depth knowledge of carbohydrate chemistry, Fresenius Kabi Linz belongs to the top end producers of these compounds, both in terms of annual quantity and quality.

HES is manufactured as a bulk active ingredient on the basis of customer specifications and supplied to Fresenius Kabi plants and many third parties worldwide.

Lactulose is produced as a syrup in a semi-continuous process. It is available in bulk or supplied filled and finished and ready for use.


Finalization of Bulk Products

In addition to the production of active ingredients, Fresenius Kabi Linz is engaged in the filling and finishing of liquids, and secondary packaging of tablets. The flexibility of Linz´ finalization department is proverbial. Continuous innovation, a high quality organization, and an experienced and motivated staff ensure clients receive an outstanding service. A quick response to requests for primary and secondary packaging, even for small volume orders, an excellent delivery performance and highest reliability: in working with the Linz team you should expect nothing less!