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Manufacturing - Facilities (for Manufacturing Sterile Pharmaceuticals)Fresenius Kabi Product Partnering opens the door to over 20 Fresenius Kabi manufacturing facilities and innovation centers worldwide. Our facilities are run in strict compliance with international quality standards (cGMP, WHO-GMP, ISO-Norms).



Fresenius Kabi Product Partnering provides its customers with seamless support throughout the entire life-cycle of their sterile products. We are there from the early stages of development right through to the commercial manufacturing.


Our manufacturing capabilities cover a full range of filling and finishing sterile solutions and emulsions, with aseptic processing or terminal sterilization. 


Our standard range of primary containers includes:

  • Bags, non-PVC flexible*

50 - 3,000 ml

  • Bags, PP semi rigid

50 - 1,000 ml

  • Ampoules, glass

1 - 20 ml

  • Ampoules, PP & PE

1 - 30 ml

  • Bottles, glass

50 - 1,000 ml

  • Bottles, polypropylene

50 - 1,000 ml

  • Pre-filled syringes glass

0.5 - 50 ml

  • Pre-filled syringes plastic

0.5 - 50 ml

  • Vials, glass

2 - 50 ml

  • Vials, polypropylene

5 - 100 ml

*single- and multi-chamber

As well as processing our standard range of containers, we can support you in developing and processing containers with customized specifications and in a product- and client-specific configuration.