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Our Approach

FILL INDoing contract manufacturing requires careful planning and allocation of resources in order to safeguard excellent performance at all stages of the partnership. At the same time, it requires flexibility throughout the organization so that services can be customized to the needs of each partner. Key features of our approach are our "Best Fit" evaluation, and our project management and risk management programs. We value open and direct communication between your and our staff at every stage of the partnership. This key skills qualify us to be the right partner for producing your sterile pharmaceuticals.

"Best Fit" Evaluation

FILL INOne of the first steps we apply in designing an offer to our partners is a "Best Fit" evaluation. In this model, client requirements, product characteristics, and manufacturing site competencies are evaluated in combination in order to arrive at a cooperation strategy that provides the highest added value for our partner.

Project and Risk Management

FILL INFor each new project, we appoint a project team, lead by a responsible project leader. This project leader is responsible for the internal coordination of the project and for the communication to you as our partner. The team includes people from all the disciplines relevant to implementing the new processes and products at the manufacturing site. They are able to draw up a fully integrated development and qualification program that includes project planning, risk management, validations, stability studies and regulatory support.